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Life Insurance

In addition to offering all product lines from the highest-rated and most competitive life carriers, Hallett ensures you find the right policy at the right price to fulfill your clients’ family and business needs. Our highly experienced product specialists provide consultative case design, client-specific carrier analysis, and superior post-sale customer service. Hallett’s wide array of web-based tools, including CyberUnderwriter, facilitate decision making and keep you in the know throughout the underwriting experience.

Disability Insurance

One of the insurance market’s most important offerings, disability insurance is also one of the most overlooked. We help you sell DI by providing access to a broad array of competitive products from a myriad of top-rated carriers. Whether you need individual disability, overhead expense, disability buy-out or retirement income security, count on us to help protect your clients’ earnings.

Long Term Care

Long term care planning encompasses much more than just a product offering. Our specialists support you with education, creation and the implementation of the correct planning design for your clients. From traditional long term care policies to hybrid annuity/life products, and from individual to multi-life opportunities, the Hallett team can help with both the planning and underwriting processes.


Hallett combines the widest opportunities in the annuity space with the highest level of sales support. Beyond placing thousands of products from the industry’s leading carriers at your fingertips, our experienced specialists take the time to really learn about your clients to help you find the correct annuity fit, with the optimal case design.

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