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What We Do

As a full service multi-carrier independent brokerage agency, Hallett connects insurance professionals and broker-dealers to a comprehensive array of life, annuity, disability and long term care products.

The difference between Hallett and everyone else lies in how we serve our clients and partners. We enable you to work smarter than ever before by providing service geared to you as an individual; by bringing extraordinary expertise and attention to detail to every case; by offering proprietary technology tools that increase your efficiency; and by adhering to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.


A Real Relationship

Hallett’s willingness to go the extra mile forms the basis of our client relationships, and our remarkably low client turnover and high referral rates testify to their quality. Real relationships are anchored by trust and strengthened by commitment. We earn our clients’ confidence every day by meeting their needs – efficiently, dependably and completely – even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Leading-Edge Technology

Hallett’s proprietary underwriting and new business technology provides our partners the information they need quickly and accurately, with remarkable precision and clarity. The combination of power, speed and transparency in underwriting and processing enables our partners to provide a whole new standard of service to their clients.


Consistent Communication

Hallett’s Online Case Status system keeps you in the loop with up-to-the-minute information on all pending cases. In fact, you access the very same information we do. There are no overnight downloads, no lag time. Moreover, the Online Case Status system stores all of your previous cases, enabling you to reference policy information effortlessly.


The most important thing we offer is our integrity. Every day, in every capacity, we adhere to the very highest standards of honesty and accountability. That means we deliver on our promises. We’re forthright in our dealings. And we’ll spare no effort to ensure that Hallett never lets you down.

The Hallett Difference

New Business Underwriting

  • Cutting edge underwriting and new business technology
  • Over 50 years of combined underwriting experience
  • Impaired risk underwriting
  • Real-time pending case status
  • Expertise in jumbo case management
  • Access to online multi-state/multi-carrier applications
  • Access to online contracting
  • Online underwriting guides
  • Responsive communications and highly¬†professional service

Sales and Marketing

  • Multi-carrier life brokerage
  • Annuity brokerage
  • Advanced marketing
  • Disability brokerage
  • Long term care brokerage
  • Life insurance¬†case design
  • Life product comparisons
  • Top rated carriers
  • Universal life, whole life, variable life and term insurance
  • Immediate, indexed, fixed and variable annuities